Sunday, January 18, 2009

Another Move For The Crosby's

Nope, we are not kidding you...The Crosby's have moved once again. Our lease was coming up on our house we were renting so we thought we would start looking at houses. We ended up with a quite new house with some acreage for the dogs to run. As you can imagine, our lives have been nothing but packing, painting, and moving boxes! I don't know about Rob, but I don't need to pick up another paint brush for a long time!!! We have most of the stuff put away...we are down to the "where to we put this" items.

Eli starts a new daycare this week...World of Wonder. This daycare is much more academic. He will still have playtime but I wanted a place where he would be able to do projects. My job starts Monday January 26th! I am so excited to get back into the classroom....8th graders once again. This week, I get to shadow the teacher I am replacing on Wednesday and Thursday. I am sure I will get those Sunday night jitters once again.

South High School (the job site Rob's working at) seems to be going quite well. I still can't believe how huge this school is. My mom and dad are enjoying working there as well. Kinda funny that starting next week, all four of us will be working in the same area as my school is across the street from the job site.

Hopefully this nasty stomach virus has vanished from our house. I caught it early with Eli and had him take some great meds that worked wonders. Rob is still recooperating and I had another bout with it this week. I am finally feeling better....nothing like moving when you feel like your going to get sick at any minute...yuck.

I best go but some of those odd items, fun!!