Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Still no word as to when we will be leaving for China. I realize we are so close now, but the wait is becoming overwhelming. The cost of plane tickets is next to ridiculous. They weren't kidding when they said to expect prices to go up! Eli is chomping at the bit to get his little brother (hopefully he remembers how excited he is while on the plane ride !) I have tried to explain to him how we are waiting for a very special phone call that will tell us when we get to go to China. So, now everytime the phone rings, he wants to know if that was the special phone call! Gotta love that kid....even if he is going through the stage of not wanting to follow directions. He also thinks naps are no longer needed (ah yes, some days my patience is tested) and bedtime isn't until 9 pm. It was nice to read a friends Facebook post stating how her child really isn't interested in going to bed...reminds me that trials and tribulations do happen to others :)

Hopefully my next post will bring details to our travel plans....we should be hearing something soon!

Monday, June 21, 2010

BaoTou Orphanage

Hard to believe that our little guy is somewhere wandering around in the hallways or playing outside in his temporary home. One of these days we will hear the news we have been waiting for but until then, we will continue to learn about his culture and prepare ourselves to be together!! I found this amazing poem that I couldn't resist posting.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Yes! New Pictures

While we were visiting my folks in Hill City, South Dakota, I received an email with updated pictures of Jace. I had tears in my eyes just looking at the little man. He weighs 24 pounds and wears a size 5 shoe. Ann from Red Thread, the service we used to send him the package, said that he is a very strong and happy boy. His hair cracks me up!! We received a few more pictures that I will post later. In one of the pictures, it shows him trying to dress himself. Seeing these pictures just makes all of us more eager to fly to China and bring him home!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We would love to hear something!

Being on summer vacation gives me a lot of time to think about traveling to China. I am guessing that we will be traveling sometime in August. I have to keep the mindset that there is a reason for everything and it all will work out in the end but sometimes that doesn't help in the patience department! Jace should be receiving a little package from us within the next few days! Rethread offers a service to send care packages to the orphange your little darling is at. There may even be the chance we get an update about him or possibile a couple of pictures....wouldn't that be amazing!
This is a picture of the package he will receive. What a cute little outfit! I also wrote a letter to him and Redthread translated it so the nannies can read it to him.
All of us are getting very anxious to hear about the next step. I even sent an email to our case worker in Michigan asking if she has heard anything. You can probably figure out the answer.