Sunday, November 27, 2011

Tree Trimming and Other Festivities

Eli is getting so big way too fast!

Little guy Jace enjoying his ride before seeing Santa.

The coolest train...ever!

Improving his eye sight, one day at a time!

I want to ask Santa for this!

Me too!!

The boys had a complete blast trimming the tree.  They even had to get out their stools so they could reach higher on the tree.  After the tree was complete, it was time to assemble the train.  Choo-choo...we only turn the train on a couple times a has a lovely horn that goes off constantly! 

The previous weekend, we went to Bass Pro Shop/Outdoor World so the boys could see Santa.  The entire store was decked out in Christmas decorations...we had such an amazing time!  I was even able to pick up a few surprises for Christmas morning....gotta love being sneaky.

In one of the pictures, you may notice Eli has an eye patch.  He had his one month check-up post glasses.  Even though he has made some improvement in his left eye, the doctor wanted him to start wearing the patch two hours a day.  Eli is so cool with being a pirate for a couple hours a day!  

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Train Excursion

This summer, while visiting my parents, my dad thought it was a fabulous idea for us to bring the boys on a train ride from Hill City to Keystone, S.D.  The boys were extremely excited but it didn't take Rob and I long to realize why my mom and brother chose not to take the excursion with us! The scenery was gorgeous...the mountains, trees, and old abandon houses to look at.  There was even an old fashion gun-sling fight that we had to stop the train for!  After about fifteen minutes, the boys were starting to get restless, but we continued on our journey and enjoyed the sights.  Once we got back to the lodge (where my parents were), my dad couldn't stop laughing!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Life with ADHD

The dreaded words coming from my son..."Mom, I don't like school...I just need to stay home, don't make me go."  Left with a broken heart and wanting to "fix" his bad feelings for school, I sat there. Frozen.
Holding the most amazing little boy. Wanting to cry, but knowing I needed to find my inner strength. Be Strong.

You may be asking, "What kiddo doesn't like kindergarten?"  Since the amazing day, in China, when my son was placed in my our arms, my little man has always been a wild and crazy boy! School systems are not designed for ADHD students.

Many restless nights have been spent researching..searching for what we can do to help him manage his day.  I have read so many, "How to Raise a Spirited Child" books that they all sound the same after awhile:

Behavior Charts.
Play Therapy.
Which leads to frustration.

My beautiful son has to be on the move for a majority of his day...making school very difficult for him.
Wiggle seats.
Various motivators.
Mixed with HUGE stubborn streak.  Some individuals even have the notation that he is lazy because he refuses to do his work. He is a very smart kid, but doesn't see the potential of what school means.

So. We celebrate. Days of green (didn't have to change his behavior card); We love him even more on days of yellow or red. We pray. We hope. Yeah, we even get mad that we can't help him more.

One thing that will never change-The LOVE that I have for my son! He has such an amazing way of viewing life. Boring, never.