Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why can't pictures go on here...what happened to the icon?

Things continue to be busy in The Crosby's household. The weather has been fanstastic so we have been busy enjoying our time outside. We do get a few windy days here and there but I guess its better than blowing snow. Rob was able to reassemeble Eli's swingset...its like having a new toy to Eli! Eli has also mastered (well, almost) driving his motorized Harley truck that he got last year. He can finally reach the gas pedal! He drives all over the yard. Once he gets started, it is hard to get him to turn around. While he is driving, he has to have his sunglasses on...too funny. He also continues to play soccer on Saturdays. This week, he actually played most of the game...a huge step in the right directions. It is amazing how far bribery with a snack will go. His speech has taken off this past couple of weeks. He goes around the house singing the entire alphabet song...then, he will try to sing it really fast, its hilarous. This morning while in the kitchen, he pointed to the cubboard that usually has chocolate hidden inside. Then he blurts out, "Papa ate it all!" We got laughing so hard at him.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Yeah! It's the Weekend!!!

So glad I have a three day weekend. Life definately got busier after I went back to work. My new position is going very well...nothing like I have every done...very fun and exciting! One requirement of working for this district is creating a portfolio of everything you can imagine that relates to teaching...too bad I tossed so much when we moved...ouch. So, my day off will be spent gathering materials for my portfolio.

Rob has been very busy at work. This past week, many plumbing areas were inspected which leads to a lot of documentation. Needless to say, we were all glad to see the work week come to an end. Now we have a couple of days to relax before the fun starts again.

Getting Eli into a new schedule was quite a task! Mornings come early in for all of us in Cheyenne. Eli and I head out to bring him to daycare. He has a new daycare teacher who is absolutely fabulous! Being a teacher, I love that his daycare provides lesson plans of daily activities....just makes me giddy getting his weekly plans, what a goof, I know! He also continues to go to STRIDE two days a week. I can't believe the improvements in his speech. He is singing his alphabet..some letter sounds are still difficult for him so he the sounds are the same. He will start out saying his alphabet slow then say it really fast (thanks to Super Y). You can't help but laugh when he is rattling his song at top speed.

Tommorrow brings Eli his 2nd soccer game at The YMCA. Have you ever seen fifteen 3 year olds all chase a soccer ball around a gym? It is such a funny site. He also has a birthday party at the ice skating arena to go to tomorrow. I will have to post some pictures, as skating ought to be a hoot. Thankgoodness they have double blades and cones for the kids to push!