Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Gadzooks....It has been awhile!

Where in the world does time go? Another school year is in the history books...so is teaching at Johnson Junior High. I just got a new job at Lebhart Elementary. Yes folks, I am back teaching elementary...YIPPEE!! Rob is busy at South High. He has also been working on completing half of the basement. We now have running water in the bathroom but need to get drywall to finish it up.

We celebrated Eli's 2nd Gotcha Day May 28th. I still find it hard to believe that we have been home from China for two years. We relived our trip by watching our China video with our friends Amy and Erik. Eli is also fascinated with his life book (this is a book that I started for him to track his journal in life....very similar to a scrapbook). Eli wanted to have an M&M cake...I didn't have a round cake pan so he got M&M cupcakes instead (he loved them just the same). He had his 1st official dentist appointment yesterday. I was so bummed that I forgot my camera. The office had a board welcoming Eli as a new patient....then the cute little toddler dentist chairs....awww...so adorable!!! After the appointment, we had to schedule surgery for him in late July. We knew with his cleft palate he would need some work but wow...thats an understatement! After an already busy day, I received a phone call from the dentist and they had a cancelation for today at 12:15! HOLY CRAP!!! So, Eli goes in to get some major dental work done at the Yellowstone Surgical Center. However, we are very excited that one of the teeth getting fixed is his little front tooth that has been in bad shape since China.

In May, Justin and Faith came for a visit. We had so much fun that they came to live with us for a bit. Justin is working for Rob at the base. Faith starts her job at McDonalds today. Eli is soooo excited to have his big brother here...and so are we!

Next week, we head to Indiana and Michigan for a little vacation...we intend on seeing a lot of friends and family. We fly into Indy to see Joe, then head to Saginaw to see Mike, Lynda, Kelsey (who has her driving permit...yikes), and Kennedy. Then we head to Muskegon. While there, we are staying with Rob's aunt. We will visit Rob's sister Kim along with her hubby Tom and kiddos Tommy and Jesse. Rob's dad is also in town and staying at Kim's so we will see him. We are also planning on meeting up with Robb and Sam (they are expecting their first baby in Sept. and getting married in July). Hopefully with Amanda's busy schedule we will be able to meet up with her also! Like I said, it is going to be a vere busy vacation ( I haven't even included the friends we are going to visit)!!!

Last month, Rob purchased two quads...it is so much fun riding the trails. Eli wants to ride all the time...he is always saying ride the quads, ride the quads to Amy and Erik's. I can predict many visits to the ER with him!!!