Friday, September 26, 2008

Here a shot, there a shot...ouch!

Oh man...our little man had his doctor appointment today. He ended up getting 3 shots(antibotic shot, flu shot, and hep a), plus they stuck a needle in one of his sores to recheck for MRSA...Yeah, that didn't go over so well. Glad I missed that appointment! Rob was the unfortunate one to bring him to the doctor. Hopefully his infections start clearing up...I have Christmas pictures to start thinking about..ha!ha! All weekend he has had a horrible fever (including today!) I hope his fever breaks soon.

Eli got a package in the mail today from his Grandpa Crosby and Peggy (one of the above pic.). He had the cutest face when I told him he had a present...I immediately thought how fun Christmas is going to be. He was hooked up some shirts from Texas...I will attach a picture!

Yippee! Yippee! I had to take my Wyoming Constitution this morning and passed. This should be the last step in obtaining in teaching license for yet another state.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Put your finger in the shape of an L....

This news is so not like me but after a couple of days at the new job I had to give my two week notice...shameful, I know. It wasn't an easy decision to make but I feel I had to do what I did for my sanity! This short time really made me put my ducks in a row. I will continue to search for something around here in Cheyenne.

On to better things and one of the big reasons for me leaving my job....Eli loves his STRIDE school. Whenever Rob picks him up from daycare, Eli will say "I want school." I hope he keeps this feeling for a very long time!!! Eli's speech continues to get better each week....there are still numerous words we don't recognize yet but he keeps working so hard.

The other day we went to eat at Shadows. I needed to put my leftovers in a box...the next thing I knew Eli was lifting up his bowl and dumping his mac-n-cheese into the box. It was so cute!
Saturday was a mama and Eli day. We went and walked around Sloan Lake, then played on the playground. As we were playing a lady invited us to have a picnic with her and some other people. It turned out that the people all work for Laramie Schools (the district I am tyring to get into). They gave me some hints to get into the district...what an awesome lunch. Hopefully I will be able to put they advice to use. As we were hanging out, Rob was checking out his hunting territory for the upcoming season. Using his GPS, he was heading back to the truck, as he turned the corner a bull moose was standing there...holy crap! He just stood still and walked back a little bit as the moose went along his business. That was a first for him to encounter....little different than running into a deer!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Sunday Night Feeling!

Ah yes, it has been 7 months (hard to believe) since I have had that Sunday night feeling...those of you that teach or have taught know what I am talking about. In case you haven't heard, I got a special ed. elementary teaching job in Greeley, Colorado. The bummer of the job is that its 45 minutes to an hour away. I will compute for awhile but YES there will be another move in our future...three states in one year, now theres something to be proud about! Ha Ha!!! The staff at my school seems extremely nice...they are also greatful to have someone in this position as it has been open since they started school Aug. 14th...for those of you wondering, our last day is May20th.

With this news also came the struggle of finding a daycare....I am very picky who I leave Eli with so this was not an easy feat. Plus not really knowing the area didn't help! After an entire day of checking out daycares, I finally found one. I love the fact that they have "class" for two hours each day. Rob and I got him a cute little backpack...I will post pic. later. He absolutely loves wearing his "mackpak."

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Camping Adventure

We set out Friday to pick up our rented RV for the weekend and headed up to Yellowstone National Park for an adventurous weekend. Rob has wanted to go to YNP for as long as he can remember...and it was his turn to pick the trip. Eli thought it was the greatest being able to sit and play in various spots while we were driving along. The first night we stayed in a little road side park outside of Lander, Wyoming. When we arrived, Rob and I stepped outside to see the most stars we have ever seen (I guess when your in the middle of nowhere this is possible). The Milky Way looked so spectacular....if only a shooting star went by but no such luck! In the morning, it was onto the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. Once inside the park, the views were amazing. We didn't realize how many lakes and rivers were in the parks. On our way to the KOA, we visited Old Faithful...for a geyser that only erupts every 90 minutes, we got very lucky as we ony waited 10 minutes. Throughout our weekend, we were able to see elk, moose, coyote, and a couple of other animals. While we were traveling, we decided to skip this one tourist attraction...good choice as a million people were there! We did however want to stop at the petrified tree be honest I thought it was going to be more of a forest but it ended up being half of a tree...the rest had been stolen! However, when we got there, traffic was very heavy...we just figured it was really cool. Once we walked the distance, we understood why it had turned into quite a site...there were three of the largest moose just hanging out. We got some great pictures and video...the video is a little boring but still unbelievable!