Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksmas 2010 in Michigan

We made a quick trip back to Michigan for some fabulous family time...boy, did I need it! The boys were fabulous throughout the drive. It was the first time that my brothers, sister-in-law, and nieces were able to meet Jace. Rob and I couldn't believe how much older the girls (Kelsey and Kennedy)looked. Eli had a ball with his nana and papa. Jace spent the entire weekened following the kitty around! Our Thanksgiving meal was delicious. The day after, my mom and I hit the stores for some black Friday shopping (boy, does she love me because she got up at 3am to shop...she hates shopping!) Kennedy said she wanted to go but decided to stay warm in bed. We even loaded the kids up for a trip to Bronners (the worlds largest Christmas store). Each year we pick up our new Dickens' Village house. This year, we found a few great Chinese we HAD to buy them!

Saying good-bye always stinks but we have another trip planned for the summer.