Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Life with Two Boys!

School has started and so has a busy schedule. Having to bring Jace to daycare has been very difficult for me. His first trial week was the toughest on him but now he is into the groove of things. With Rob's work schedule, he and Jace are able to have a couple of days a week that they get to hang out together. Jace will follow dad around..its almost like he is lost without Eli! When Eli gets home, he is Jace's hero. Jace mimics Eli's every move (we are on constant watch as Eli is great at pulling some fast ones). Most of the time, Eli loves to have his little brother follow him everywhere. There are definitely times that Eli needs some alone time.

Nana and Papa headed to Michigan this past week. Eli and Jace are very heart-broken that their little buddies have left for the season (why they wouldn't want to put up with the outrageous wind is beyond me...haha). On our journey home each day, Eli would ask if they wer going to be home. I would explain the same thing everyday. Eli would always reply, "Well, we need to pack up the Yukon and go see them in Michigan." Oh my, how I hard it was not to fulfill his wishes!"

Sunday was a wonderful family day spent in Denver. After Eli went to his CCD class, we ventured into the big city for lunch, a trip to Bass Pro Shop (aka The Gun Store), and then onto the zoo. On he way to the zoo, Eli spouts out Z-O-O! I looked at Rob...stunned! I couldn't believe what I just heard my 4 year old say. Our trip was fabulous. The kids had a blast. Eli finally got to ride the train but I do believe the Merry-Go_Round beat out the train ride! Jace didn't want to get off and Eli was thrilled to ride Marty (Madagascar is a major hit in our household...we even have a special Move It, Move It dance).