Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Summer Break is Around the Corner

Hopefully the weather will start to cooperate once we are our for summer break.  Being a teacher, I really don't mind the cool, rainy weather (however, it gets old on the weekends when the boys want to go outside and play).  With that being said, it is difficult to watch the lives of people being destroyed by the horific weather that is happening around our country.  May all of you find strength!
Summer breaks means trips to the park, gymnastic classes, spray park, camping trips, visits to see Nana and Papa and so much more....so bring on the sunshine and the beautiful weather!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Gotta love Fridays

Every Friday, the boys know they get jammie day because daddy doesn't work (won't next year be interesting as Eli will be in Kindergarten...will he try to fake being sick??) The second favorite item of clothing for the boys tends to be various costumes. Rob told me this morning that he was going to buy a sewing machine so he can make the boys crazy costumes!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jace's First American Birthday....Happy 3rd Birthday!!

Jace was a very lucky boy! He was able to celebrate his birthday twice. Once while we were in South Carolina and again when we got home. Looking back (since we came home in August), Jace is still a little peanut. It doesn't matter what he eats, he just can't surpass the 26 pound marker. His diet drastically changed as we found out he is allergic to eggs, milk, and wheat. YIKES!!

Guns are in high demand in the Crosby household! Papa had fun squirting the boys with Jace's new water guns. Boy can the two of them get chuckling when they play. It melts your heart to see how happy they are!!

Eli and Jace were so excited to come home and have Nana & Papa waiting for them (I will have to post a better pic of the four of them later). Nana & Papa have a hard time finding a little peace and quiet when the boys are with them. It is just amazing how much they love each other!

Taking a Little Vacation....South Carolina Style

Eli has been asking forever how many "sleeps" do we have until we visit sister Amanda. Finally, the morning of the 5th came bright and early. Eli was very excited to board the plane..so much that he didn't even sleep on the ride to the airport or on the plane (and we left the house at 3am!). We had to fly from Denver to Chicago (pretty much walk the entire airport from one terminal to another...Mr. "Little Legs" Jace had no problem keeping up) then finally made it to Charlotte at 2pm. Eli turned into little shy man when he saw Amanda (this was hysterical). The weather was absolutely gorgeous while we were there. We spent as much time outside as we possibilty could! Amanda had fun showing us all around her new city (her and Jesse just recently moved there. We did so many cool things:
1) IKEA- We totally fell in love with this mammouth store.
2) Discovery Place- Hands on Science Museum The boys (and adults had a blast)They had a bed of nails that you could lay on and it would lift you up. They also had a kid discovery room that was to die for...we spent a lot of time there.
3) A Beautiful Park- It had an enormus play area then when you crossed one of the very old bridges you discovered a huge pond. We walked and walked while the kids had so much fun checking everything out.
4) Playplace-This was by far the largest indoor play area I have ever seen. Eli kept asking to go back :)

We had a lot of fun but the best part was being able to spend time with our daughter Amanda and her hubby Jesse. Family is a very precious thing to have and when you only see someone for a short time, it is important to cherish every moment...and that is what we did!