Saturday, October 10, 2009

Two Posts in One Day!!

Miller Farms

Pumkin Time...he was actually pulling pumpkins off
the stack...sly little dog!

This is a working farm. We were able to take a hay ride out to the fields and pick veggies to our hearts content! The weather was very Rob went back to get Eli a drink. Then I found out we had four MORE stops...I couldn't take it...Eli was grouchy, I had had enough. So, I had to decide, to I forgo the food or my child....of course I picked the food! So, Eli and I trudged back...such a delightful trip back we had, yeah right! We ended up getting all of our bags of food when the hay ride came back....all except a bag of corn that someone took from my dad! This is a must go back and visit place for next year.

Some of Eli's silly things: 1)When we were praying the other day, he starts off...we need to pray...father son holy spirit...I pledge allegiance, to the flag!! I love it...too funny. 2) We have halloween candy in a pumpkin dish so after he finishes dinner, he says "One umpkin and two corns?" 3) Rob and Eli were goofing around, all of a sudden he tells his dady, "No tickling, No Rough NICE to Eli"


This is what everybody thought of our hike.....overwhelming dissatisfaction!!

Can you guess the one Kennedy drew vs. the ones Amanda drew?

My oh my....I haven't posted in quite some time. Guess we have been busy! Since our last post, we had the best company come out to enjoy the Wyoming way of life. Joe, Mike, Lynda, Kelsey and Kennedy came out for a spectacular visit. We ventured back to the Rapid City area for a weekend of adventures. ROb and I have seen Mt. Rushmore more times than we ever imagined. While in Hill City, all of us tried to take a marvelous hike....our hiking guide couldn't have been more wrong. The trail was intense plus with the addition of all the rain, there were bugs galore. Among all of the crazy things we did, picking up Amanda from the airport was awesome! It was the first times in years that my family was able to visit with her. Amanda is an amazing artist. Kennedy even got in on the action....she must have felt bad that her mom didn't have a personal portrait!

On the day everyone left, we had quite a treat for Amanda! We had tickets to see The Wiggles. What I didn't realize is that we were in the 2nd row from the stage!!! Eli was in shock for almost the entire concert. The most amazing part was when Murray Wiggle grabbed the sign Amanda made and took it on stage...after that Eli was so excited!! He is now back hooked on The Wiggles...thought we were over that hurdle!

Amanda was due to fly out on Sunday, so on Saturday we set out for an all day excurion on the quads. We didn't realized that mid-day, we were going to be making a trip to the hospital. The end results were 10 broken ribs and a broken collar bone...can you guess who for? To give you a hint, I felt as if de ja vu had set in because six years to the day, we were sitting in the ER awaiting Rob to get plates and screws to hold up his leg!!! Two weeks after the accident, he ended up getting surgery on his collar bone...more plates. pins, and screws. I am sooo excited that I took out the extra insurance policy on the quads. Eli is going through a, "I need to be just like daddy so he had to have an arm brace too." I am sure his days will be coming when he has his own arm slings! The picture is pre-surgery.....Rob now has an enormous scar on his shoulder.

I have been extremely busy with my job. I have never worked so hard in my life. Rob is amazed at how much work I bring home on a daily basis. I do like my job though. It is nice to be back working with elementary kids. My district also offers an unimaginable amount of they pay you to attend....what a win-win situation! The bummer is that the classes are on Saturdays. Currently I am taking a Guided Reading is awesome!

Eli started out going to school at St. Mary's but after much disappointment on our end, we pulled him from the program. He started going to his old oh my, I didn't realize what he was going through until a few weeks ago. He is soo much happier and his stuttering that had started is slowly going away. He will start going back to STRIDE a few days a week. This is the program that helps work on his speech.

Over Labor Day weekend, we rented an R with my folks and headed to Mesa Verde, Colorado. We had a blast. Mesa Verde an amazing place that had cliff dwellers. What an amazing site. My mom, Rob and I took a tour of the Palace...left Eli with my dad. We thought the tour was 30 minutes, ended up being an hour....oops! I wanted this pictures of our trip down here but the blog wouldn't the pictures are at the top.