Saturday, February 25, 2012

Karate and Valentine's Day

Eli is offically taking karate lessons.  It is so crazy to seem him shy and intimidated...believe it or not, karate lessons are a struggle for him.  He tends to be very nervous.  We are hoping in time, it will boost his confidence!  Over the past month, he has gotten better.  At the beginning of each class, they have to do warm-up exercises.  They usually run in a circle, stop when the music stops, and then do an exercise.  It takes everything for him to run....yes, you did just read that.  My little kiddo that can't stop running just stands there.  This past week, he actually ran with his class....all of the parents cheered for him!  I was doing a little happy dance of my own.

Call me a kid, but I used to love picking out valentines as much as selecting a new lunchbox!  So, I always have to make a big deal about having the kids select valentines.  Jace had to have the Super Hero box which included Thor, Captain America, The Hulk, and Iron Man.  Eli knew immediately that he wanted the Star Wars valentines.  So, a week later we opened the cards to have Eli write on them for his kindergarten friends only to find out there wasn't enough space for him to write on (it was a sucker valentine wrapped in plastic).  So, scornfully, I had him use the label maker to write his "to" and "froms."  Now, being a teacher, I figured I would take a little heat for not having him "write" his own names on his least he helped type the names into the label maker...haha!!!
Last year, we started a tradition of getting the boys costumes instead of candy for Valentines Day.  Green Lantern has been the "it' movie around our they both got costumes from Green Lantern. 

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy 10th Anniversary!!

My sweety and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary on Feb. 16th.  WOW!  What a wild ten years it has been.  We have visited 18 states (lived in 3), lived in 10 houses, and been to China twice.  I think I have worked in 6 different schools. 

To celebrate our anniversary, Rob had a beautiful piece of glass art made for us.  It has our wedding date on the upper section, then on the sides, it has the boys names and the year we became a forever family.  It is simply gorgeous!!  The picture definately doesn't do the artwork justice.