Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Celebrating 4 Years....Gotcha Day!

One of my favorite posts to do every year (each year goes so stinkin' fast!) happens to be Gotcha Day!  I am a BIG tradition person (drives my hubby nuts!).  Each Gotcha Day, we usually watch the China video but not this year since someone (no names....urgh!) erased the entire China video, we had to switch traditions a bit.  All of us gathered on the couch to go through Eli's Lifebook.  This was the first year Jace got to join in on the tradition so it was very exciting!  Ok, so I have to say it, "I can't believe it has been four years since our first trip to China."  Each year, Eli's abilities grow and grow.  Here is a list of some of his accomplishments/other interesting tidbits (yes, another tradition):

        * His speech is incredible (still struggles with l and r but this is light years from where we started)
        * Finished his last year at Stride (pre-k program)
        * Officially a kindergartener (sigh, sniff sniff)
        * Loves the "duty" of being a big brother
        * Ironman...enough said 
        * Diagnosed with ADHD (probably didn't even have to fill out the paperwork...a mom knows)
        * writes first and last name, recites address and phone number
        * knows the location of about twenty states (lots of families members spread out)
        * has a personality that leaves one in stitches
        * hates to have water in his face...yikes, mama loves the pool
        * very much a daddy's boy
        * loves to do the chicken dance
        * created a wind dance where he gets knocked over (we get A LOT of intense wind)
        * tackling yet another sport...t-ball (oh my...has to be better then soccer, right??)