Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Big Boy Bed!!

A true sign Eli is getting bigger. He is now in a big boy bed. The first night was hilarous watching him on the moniter...he was just amazed at his new bed. Thanks to my friend Cathy, he has a bedrail that I attached to his toddler bed. During naptime the next day, he figured out how to crawl out! I went into his room and it didn't even phase him that I was standing there....little

Cheyennne has the most amazing library I have ever been too. They have an entire floor dedicated to kids. They have triple copies of almost every popular kids book. Inside one of the play centers for kids, they have this huge stack of books. The librarian told me that the books are placed in order from the smallest main character to the biggest main character in the book (Tiny Tim, Junie B. Jones, Harry Potter, etc.) Can you imagine how long that must have taken?

We hope everyone is enjoying the Olympics! We are watching intently as we relive our China adventures that occured over a year ago. We love seeing some of the places that we were able to visit while in Beijing. Maybe someday we will be able to go back and see all that changed.

Ok...so I added a couple of pictures but they didn't go where I wanted them to...I guess I am going to have to figure that out! The picture of Rob was taken in Rocky Mtn. National Park. He walked down to snap a picture of a wild herd of Elk...on the way back the elevation got to him...he was slightly out of breath and giving his heart a serious work-out!

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robin said...

Yes he has gotten bigger. That is what they do. Some reason mine don't want to leave. Three oldest still live at home, one with a 5year old grandson. So good to hear from you. Take care. Robin