Saturday, April 11, 2009

The Day Before Easter...(yikes, I have some catching up to do!)

Riding in the backhoe with his sidekick
Older picture...but Eli is ready to skate!

The exhibits were awesome!

Eli and Mama at the Denver Aquarium

Life sure can be busy....we have had a wild Spring so far when it comes to weather...70 degree days, then a blizzard. What counts now is that the snow is gone (hopefully for good).

This past week was Spring Break for me. Eli loved it as he got to stay home and chill in his unerwear (just can't get that "d" in there yet). He is quite content playing with all of his toys. On Friday, Rob and I took Eli to the aquarium in Denver...WOW! That place is amazing. Eli was so engaged throughout our visit. After you go through the exhibits, you can exit outside to a huge pathway...which links you to a Six Flags Amusement Park ( however, it is no longer SF but I can't remember the name of it), The Children's Museum, and the various stadiums that are downtown. On another trip, Eli will have to go to the Children's Museum. Once we left downtown Denver, we drove to a huge Bass Pro Cabela's in Sydney, Nebraska by a mile. We had to check out everything in the store. It was all over when we got to the quad section...Eli was jumping off and on every quad as fast as you can imagine! We were laughing at him as he pretended to drive. Doesn't help that Rob has been on a rampage of purchasing a quad so Eli knows all about it! Plus our friends in our neighborhood have a quad that Eli gets to ride on.

One of my projects during Spring Break was to paint the kitchen....pure torture! To begin with, we chose a darker color...I have used darker colors in the past and I should have remembered what hell it is to make the paint cover the wall. After I got the 2nd coat on it still looked like crap...thank god a guy that Rob knows is a painter (I couldn't help but wonder where he was when I started this flippin' project). He will be done with everything on Monday. I vow never to paint a large area again as painting and I do not get along.

We are patiently anticipating heading back to Michigan this summer. We have a lot to accomplish during the time frame we are visiting. Then in July or August, The Thayers are coming out for a visit....I CAN'T WAIT!!!! Being away from family is the hardest part of moving. It is scary to see the umemployment rates back in many families are being tested.

Most of you may have heard, but we have started the adoption process again...we are in the very first stage of gathering paperwork. Adoption Associates has changed a lot of the paperwork process and the process of being matched with a child so it will be a whole different adventure. We will keep you posted!

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