Saturday, October 10, 2009

Two Posts in One Day!!

Miller Farms

Pumkin Time...he was actually pulling pumpkins off
the stack...sly little dog!

This is a working farm. We were able to take a hay ride out to the fields and pick veggies to our hearts content! The weather was very Rob went back to get Eli a drink. Then I found out we had four MORE stops...I couldn't take it...Eli was grouchy, I had had enough. So, I had to decide, to I forgo the food or my child....of course I picked the food! So, Eli and I trudged back...such a delightful trip back we had, yeah right! We ended up getting all of our bags of food when the hay ride came back....all except a bag of corn that someone took from my dad! This is a must go back and visit place for next year.

Some of Eli's silly things: 1)When we were praying the other day, he starts off...we need to pray...father son holy spirit...I pledge allegiance, to the flag!! I love it...too funny. 2) We have halloween candy in a pumpkin dish so after he finishes dinner, he says "One umpkin and two corns?" 3) Rob and Eli were goofing around, all of a sudden he tells his dady, "No tickling, No Rough NICE to Eli"

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