Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy 5th Birthday Eli!

Hard to believe that our little guy is 5 years old. Boy! Was he excited about his birthday!! Rob delivered ice cream sandwiches to Stride (Eli's school). He wasn't sure who was more excited; Eli having his dad at school or Jace being at school. Later that night, he wanted smoothies for his special treat before he opened his presents.

Now its time to get sentimental....
Every year around his birthday, I can't help but think about his birthmom. What an amazing woman she was to want the best for her birthchild. We are to assume that she will always wonder about him and hope that he has everything she dreamed he would. A day doesn't go by that I thank God for allowing us to become his parents. Thank you to all the birthmoms that allow their little babies the gift of life!

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