Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jace's First American Birthday....Happy 3rd Birthday!!

Jace was a very lucky boy! He was able to celebrate his birthday twice. Once while we were in South Carolina and again when we got home. Looking back (since we came home in August), Jace is still a little peanut. It doesn't matter what he eats, he just can't surpass the 26 pound marker. His diet drastically changed as we found out he is allergic to eggs, milk, and wheat. YIKES!!

Guns are in high demand in the Crosby household! Papa had fun squirting the boys with Jace's new water guns. Boy can the two of them get chuckling when they play. It melts your heart to see how happy they are!!

Eli and Jace were so excited to come home and have Nana & Papa waiting for them (I will have to post a better pic of the four of them later). Nana & Papa have a hard time finding a little peace and quiet when the boys are with them. It is just amazing how much they love each other!

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