Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween Fun!

Rob had Eli ready to hit a few houses for trick or treating. Our first stop was our neighbors. We made our visit and started to head on our way when Stuart accidently stepped on Eli's tail sending his pumpkin rolling down the driveway. Eli couldn't believe what was happening...he kept looking at Stuart like, "Why did you just do this to me?" We managed to continue our journey. Eli was a hoot once he figured out that everyone was giving him treats! Although, he thought we had to go into everyones house. Once we finished going to a few houses, we went back home. This is where Eli's adventures started. He had a riot with all of the kids that came to the house. I would give them candy, then he would have to put another special piece in their bag. Whenever the doorbell would ring, he would run to the door, trying to say trick or treat! We also let him have a couple pieces of his candy...oh my! He doesn't get that much candy so you can only imagine how wired he was....needless to say, bedtime was a little later that evening.

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