Saturday, November 15, 2008

Putting Up the Christmas Tree

Yes, folks...The Crosby's put up their Christmas tree on Nov. 15th. No, we are not going crazy! Amanda is coming to visit this coming week and we are celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with her...hence the reason for a tree. The hilarous thing is that we gathered all of our Christmas items only to realize that we had all the parts to our tree except the tree stand...guess that didn't make the move. So we had to head to our 1st trip to Lowe's for a new tree and lights. Man, new Christmas trees have the hook longer do you have to sort the colors to insert the branches into the stand. I was quite amazed....ok, ok, its been awhile since we have purchased a tree. Did you notice I put our 1st trip to Lowes? Thats because we had to go back to purchase more lights as we ended up not having enough...I think we now have 1,000 lights on our tree. Eli was a hoot helping Rob put the lights on the tree. He needed a lot of reminders to be gentle when it came to putting up the ornaments! Most of you may know that we have had two trees (sometimes three) since we have been married. I think it was something my mom and I started. We have a tree I have named the pretty tree with all the glass ornaments...that will go up later. Today we put up the family tree with all of the "oh so cute" handmade ornaments. We love putting up that tree! Some of my favs include ornaments my Gma Thayer made in 1976, Eli's ornaments he made in daycare last year, pictures of Benelli and Maggie when they were pups, and all the ones Rob and I pick up when we travel. We have a lot of sentimental ornaments that go on the family tree.

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