Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Visit From Amanda

Eli and his big sister!
Amanda, the lush!

Eli and his cheesecake before he went to town!

Rob, Eli and Amanda in Denver

The week before Thanksgiving, Amanda came to Wyoming for a visit. While she was here, we celebrated Christmas. Everyone had fun unwrapping presents. We took her up to Estes Park and through the Rocky Mountains. We also took a trip into Denver for the night. The scariest part of the evening was when we were driving, a man walked out into front of the car...Rob almost kicked my booty when I did my famous look up and yell..oh my god, a person. The man dropped his phone and did this dance in the road trying to get out of the road...all in all everyone turned out fine but man, use the crosswalk would ya. Later that evening, we got chuckling quite hard at the situation. While down in Denver, we had to take Amanda to the 16th Street mall. We knew she would love this place...she had to check out the Hot Topic store and compare it to the one she works at in Michigan. After we ate dinner at Hard Rock Cafe, we splurged on dessert and went to The CheeseCake Factory. We each got our own piece....including Eli! Needless to say, we took home some leftovers. We miss you, Amanda!!!

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