Saturday, December 13, 2008

We Have Been Busy...Time To Catch Up....

The Big Man!
Eli is the next comic book artist...or Captain America!

The Family!

Uncle Joe pushing Kennedy and Eli

I can't believe I haven't updated since mid-November....I guess we have been busy!

Over Thanksgiving, we took a trip to Joe's in Indy for our good ol' Thanksmas. Everyone was able to make it for the event of the year! No doubt, we had a good time. I should have taken pictures of all the air matttesses located throughout the house. At one time, we had 6 matresses that people were using. When you get that many air matresses, you know that at least one of them will deflate in the night. Justin won that award...what he didn't know was that my brother and dad tried to put fix-a-flat in the matress prior to him using it. I guess fix-a-flat doesn't work!! Throughout the weekend, we played many games...spoons, pass the trash, cribbage, and several other goofy games. A micracle happened when my niece, Kelsey FINALLY won a game of pass the trash...she has the worst luck with that game! We even had time to shoot some family photos (which turned out awesome!). When it came to opening presents, oh my goodness...Eli ripped them open like he was a pro! Christmas is going to be a hoot. One day we ventured downtown Indy (which I love) and walked around. We lost Justin and his girlfriend, but eventually we were able to find them. While we were walking around, Eli got to see Santa on a Harley. Eli was more excited about the Harley than Santa! On Sunday, Mike, Lynda, Kelsey, and Kennedy had to head home to Michigan. Some of us went to the Children's Museum in Indy. WOW!! Is that place amazing. My favorite part was the huge yule slide they had...just like the one in The Christmas Story. After Eli slid down, he wanted to climb up the slide...the workers had to stop the next people from going until I got Eli out of the way....I was laughing at him!!

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