Saturday, May 15, 2010

Could It Really be Four to Six Weeks?

Adoption News-
Recently, a family got back from their journey to China to adopt their little one. Prior to going, they sent a package to the orphanage which in turn took pictures of some of the kiddos that live in the orphanage. We think that Jace is the little one in the white striped jacket. If it in fact is him, WOW I can't wait to get him home. If it isn't him, I will still be excited to bring him home to his forever family! When Rob and I looked at the pictures, Rob picked him out right away. Eli's response was, "He doesn't look like my little brother." I am sure he is expecting Jace to be a little baby as the one picture we have of him, he is a little guy!
The paper chase is coming to a close. The three of us have our visas. Plus, we were given approval to apply for Jace's visa, which is one of the final pieces of paperwork we had to file. Judy, who is a representative for Adoption Associates lives in China, brought all of our 1-800A paperwork to the Consulate. She will be called back in a week to pick up Article 5. From there our Travel Approval is issued. Once we have our TA, Adoption Associates can apply for our Embassy Appointment which will most likely be in July. I was really hoping to leave for China in June...oh well!
What a staff-
At our latest staff meeting, I was surprised and shocked by a baby shower given in my honor. Honestly, I didn't "get" it at first...too many things running around in my mind I guess! They actually had to tell me it was for Jace and I!! Thinking back, I thought it was funny to have cupcakes at our meeting. My co-workers were very generous. Jace (and Eli!) received numerous outfits. I can't wait to see my boys in their matching swim shorts!!
With all luck, my next post will be to let everyone know that we have received our embassy appointment. On a separate note, my friend has willingly accepted the responsibility to update our blog while we are in China. Less than a year ago, China blocked all blogs which made many of us sad that we wouldn't be able to tell our family and friends about our incredible journey!

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trk said...

Hi Andrea,
I found your blog from the IM Yahoo Group. Looks like you are getting very close to bringing home your son. Our son is also at Baotou. We saw these same pictures and my husband and I went straight to the boy in the white coat as our son. He looks like your son too! So hard to not know and be so far away with such small glimpses of the ones we love. Wishing you a speedy travel date.