Wednesday, June 9, 2010

We would love to hear something!

Being on summer vacation gives me a lot of time to think about traveling to China. I am guessing that we will be traveling sometime in August. I have to keep the mindset that there is a reason for everything and it all will work out in the end but sometimes that doesn't help in the patience department! Jace should be receiving a little package from us within the next few days! Rethread offers a service to send care packages to the orphange your little darling is at. There may even be the chance we get an update about him or possibile a couple of pictures....wouldn't that be amazing!
This is a picture of the package he will receive. What a cute little outfit! I also wrote a letter to him and Redthread translated it so the nannies can read it to him.
All of us are getting very anxious to hear about the next step. I even sent an email to our case worker in Michigan asking if she has heard anything. You can probably figure out the answer.

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