Tuesday, June 29, 2010


Still no word as to when we will be leaving for China. I realize we are so close now, but the wait is becoming overwhelming. The cost of plane tickets is next to ridiculous. They weren't kidding when they said to expect prices to go up! Eli is chomping at the bit to get his little brother (hopefully he remembers how excited he is while on the plane ride !) I have tried to explain to him how we are waiting for a very special phone call that will tell us when we get to go to China. So, now everytime the phone rings, he wants to know if that was the special phone call! Gotta love that kid....even if he is going through the stage of not wanting to follow directions. He also thinks naps are no longer needed (ah yes, some days my patience is tested) and bedtime isn't until 9 pm. It was nice to read a friends Facebook post stating how her child really isn't interested in going to bed...reminds me that trials and tribulations do happen to others :)

Hopefully my next post will bring details to our travel plans....we should be hearing something soon!

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Tracey said...

wow...I have my fingers crossed we will travel at the same time you do. We are awaiting TA for Zak, born 11/19/07 waiting in Bataou too. And we are bringing Van, born 3/29/06 adopted 5/08 from Guandong with us too! We'd be quite the scene in China all together huh? Wishing you good news soon and can't wait to follow along.