Monday, February 7, 2011

Happy Six Months Home Little Man Jace!!!

So hard to believe
that this little man
has been in our life for
six months. So many changes
have happened in such a short
amount of time. He and Eli have
developed the bond of brothers;
they laugh together, fix food together,
and can just be silly together. It
wasn't always this way...the first couple
months were very trying on both of them.

Jace gives the biggest hugs and can now
give a kiss with the smacking noise!
This from the little boy that wouldn't
let his mom pick him up from his crib in China.
He smiles and giggles all day long!

Daycare used to be a place he could have lived without
now he hangs up his own coat, gives hugs and kisses
and is off to play his day away.

He survived three surgeries.
His speech is improving each day
(he can almost say daddy...its taken a lot of practice)

The list of accomplishments goes on and on,
but most of all...the love and joy is brings us is amazing!
We are very blessed to have an amazing little boy that made up a family of four.


Heather said...

Great to read your couple of posts. Can't wait to see the boys soon. I hope your doing well!

Christy and Kevin said...

It is hard to believe it has been six months! We just had our 6 month Home Study update for Keaton too. It is amazing how much our children have grown and changed since arriving home. It has been neat to follow everyone's blogs after meeting in the IM group before our travels to China last year. As you read in our blog recently we are heading back to China soon for another little boy.
Jace looks so happy!