Monday, September 5, 2011

Another Big Dream...Accomplished!

The top picture was too cute not to attach!  My ole' teaching buddy and dear friend was visiting in Colorado so we met at Boyd's Lake for a fun afternoon adventure.  The boys had a blast in the water and building sand castles.

Rob and I have always wanted a camper...we can now say we have  camper.  I absolutely love it!  The boys beg to go camping every weekend.  Now that we are back to school, our weekends are jammed packed but boy do we figure out ways to be able to camp!

Our first camping adventure was at Guernsey State Park.  We were so excited for the boys to be able to swim and hang out at the beach...until we got there and were told they had drained the reservoir.  So, in the one picture of the boys on the beach, there is suppose to be water!  We didn't let that ruin our trip.  The boys were quite content playing in the dirt pile by the camper.  We also visited a super cool castle and a museum.  First camping adventure = success!!

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