Sunday, July 31, 2011

Michigan o Michigan

July 9th, Rob dropped the boys and I off at DIA and the three of us headed to Michigan (Rob was suppose to leave a week later but his vacation was bumped up a week so he started his long journey to Michigan as well.)  The boys did great during the flight EXCEPT the last 30 minutes....Jace was that kid you didn't want sitting by you.  He was overly exhausted, hungry, and cranky....very cranky!!  He screamed. He hollered. He carried on.  There wasn't a trick in the books that was going to get him to chill.  Finally, after touching down, getting our luggage, we stepped outside and were welcomed by some serious humidity....I don't miss humidity one bit!  My brother Joe was waiting patiently to pick us up.  Since we had last seen him, he purchased a new car...let's just say we had fun fitting everything in...haha!!! Lucky for us, both boys crashed on the way to Saginaw.  While in Saginaw:
                                        *we swam
                                        *visited with Steph, Fer, and Lili
                                        *went to a concert in the park (boys fed fish, rode on a train, fun times!!)
                                        *Jace was baptized (thanks Ed, Nancy, Lisa, Mike, Lynda, Kelsey, Kennedy, and Father Dave for making this happen!)
                                        *best of all was able to spend a lot of quality time with my family.

 Kennedy, Eli, Kelsey, and Jace....cousins rule!
 Rob, Jace, and Mike walking into church for Jace's baptism.
 The crew celebrating Jace's baptism.
 Lisa, Jace, Ann, Eli, Rob, Nancy, and Ed  celebrating Jace!
Our next adventure was heading over to Muskegon.  Once in town, we stopped at SomePlaceElse favorite pizza in the world!  Then, we brought the boys to the Block House (it had been years since Rob and I were even there.  The boys had a blast checking everything out!  We also spent a day at The Fogarty's on Pickeral Lake.  Tara and I have been friends forever (our parents went to college together) The boys had a riot playing with Noah and Luke.  Plus it has been forever since I have been on a boat...forgot how fun they are.  The boys had their first adventure on a speed boat too!  Eli even got to drive the pontoon boat...he thought he was really cool!
Eli loves playing in the lake!!
Uncle Joe and Luke hanging out!
Noah, Eli, and Jace hanging out in the boat!
The next day, Rob went golfing with Cory and the boys and I headed to The Slater's House and went to Grand Haven.  Our first stop was Imagination Station which is an enormous playground for kids.  After the kids played, we headed over and walked the pier.  I love love love Lake Michigan.  The four boys had a blast eating lunch, getting ice cream, and hangin' out.  The walk back to the car was a bit intense as the heat and humidity was kickin'!  It was so awesome seeing Barb again...we have been friends forever (grew up on the same street).  That night, we headed back to The Slater's for dinner so Sydney could hang with the boys.  She wasn't able to go to Grand Haven with us as she was rockin' it out at soccer camp.
 Eli and Jackson looking for shade in the heat of the day.
 Imagination Station...super fun place!
 Eli snagged my camera and took some great shots.  Barb, Jace, and I hangin' out.
 Another Eli pic...too cute!!
 Love this pic!!  Eli, Jace, and Jackson wrestling around waiting for lunch.
 Who wants ice cream? Apparently Jace, Eli, Jackson, and Isaac do!!
 Grand Haven Pier...beautiful!
Jackson and Eli...Jackson had asked to take a rest and it was right by some shady trees.

Sydney and Eli having fun on the swings.

While in Muskegon, we stayed with The McDaniels.  They have two girls around the same ages as our boys.  It was hilarious watching the boys push around pink strollers.  The four kids played and played.  They even got to paint the cement (Jace even turned himself into Avatar) and had a couple water balloon fights.  Instead of hitting other kids, Eli decided to smack the grass...what can you say, he had fun!)  Megan is a fabulous cook...she even made us zucchini-blueberry bread.  Cory and Rob were even able to get a few games of horseshoes in.  Rob was stoked to eat some Scribb's pizza during our stay with The McDaniels.
Eli displaying Iron Man.
Jace and Lainey ready to get wet!
This is the coolest thing ever.
Ava and her beautiful art work!

We also visited with Rob's aunt and cousin.  We met for dinner Whitlow's.  They have the best lake perch....yum, yum!!  (Can you tell we had to hit all of our great eateries while we were back!!)  We finally were able to meet Mark's wife; Lori.  We also met up with Rob's sister and his family for a little visit.  Can't believe how big our nephews Tommy and Jesse are getting!

On the long drive back to Wyoming, the boys were fabulous.  Heck they do a better job with long distance travel then going up to Walmart!  We had a great time while on our is rough to fit everyone in but we tried to do the best we could.  Until next time Michigan friends and family...we love you and thanks for everything.  Our door is always open and we would love to see you!

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