Saturday, April 7, 2012

Camping in Texas

Before kids, Rob and I used to participate in spur of the moment adventures. When I asked Rob what he wanted to do for his birthday, I wasn't surprised when he came up with taking our first camping trip of the 2012 season.  It was his responsibility to come up with someplace to he looked on the computer to see where the first place was that averaged 80 degrees or higher!  We really didn't have any other reason to go to Lubbock, Texas except to get away from the wind of Wyoming.

The boys were in heaven as the playground was right across from our camp site (kudos for Rob for setting this up!).  We could enjoy our camp site while the boys played and played.  Needless to say, the boys were exhausted each night.  Eli loves to make new friends wherever he goes...there wasn't a short fall of kids to hang out with.  There was even a gun "fight" a time or two.  One of the greatest events took place in the pool.  Eli is NOT a fan of the water, however, he was the last one to get out of the pool....I actually had to beg him to get out!  YEAH, Eli!!!

Eli gets so excited to put a sticker on the states that we have camped at.  You see, on our camper, we have a map of the United States.  We were able to add Texas and New Mexico on this camping trip.  He was hoping to put Oklahoma on the map as well but we didn't spend the night there.

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