Sunday, April 22, 2012

Spring Break Excitement

Eli tested for his yellow belt..he was very excited to pass his test!

 Gotta love the Children's Garden!

 Eli "walking" the dog.

 Can you find the fish?

 Jace lovin on his cousin Kennedy.

 Love this picture!!

  Downtown boot tour

 My boys love statues!

We had a blast during Spring Break!  Nana and Papa arrived (the boys were insanely crazy with excitement).  Eli had to know what states Papa drove through to get to Wyoming.  He can still recite all the states too (funny thing is that Papa left our Arkansas, so Eli had to rework his order of states).  A couple of days later, Uncle Joe drove out...another wild crazy excitement for the boys!  A few days later, Uncle Mike and Kennedy came to visit.  We had a blast with everyone!!

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