Thursday, July 26, 2012

2nd Anniversary of Jace's Gotcha Day

Two years ago, Rob and I were in China anxiously awaiting the phone to ring.  The sound of the phone put us on our feet...only to find out that the adoption agency was running late and instead of 10:00am, they wouldn't be to the hotel until noon...urgh!  Looking back, those two hours really don't add up to much, but at the time it was everything to contain the excitment of meeting our little man. 

The time came.  The. phone.rang. Our hearts were beating frantically just knowing our little guy was downstairs in the lobby.  Would he come to us naturally like Eli? Would he be shy and reserved?  Oh, the thoughts that go through your head as you walk down the hallway, take the elevator to the lobby, walk through the halls of the lobby to the special room that was reserved just for this occasion.  The above picture tells it all...he was so nervous as to what was going on.

However, it didn't take long for Pan Yu to welcome us  his daddy into his world.  For me, it took a few days.  I couldn't even lift him out of his crib.  He was extremely attached to his daddy!

Moving forward two years...he is quite the ham!  He loves to make people smile.  He can also be a little pout, pout fish.  As a matter of fact, I even found a book titled The Pout, Pout Fish.  He hates to have it read to him when he is being a grump!   He loves his brother Eli to the moon and back!  He is still working on a lot of his speech sounds.  (We can usually understand what he is saying but hard for strangers to tell what he is saying).  He has another year at Stride and the Language Clinic.  Hoping by next year, his speech will improve so he is able to go to kindergarten. He loves to play outside.  This summer, he has taken a huge love for the water...hint, hint...hopefully we can get a pool next summer!  He is mommy's little side kick :)
Fall Fun in Denver

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Millie said...

Congrats! On your 2 year Gotcha Day. I still look in time to time on your blog and he has grown so fast in so little time. Blessing to Jace and your family.

Take Care,
Millie from FCC Inner Mogolia group