Saturday, October 6, 2012


Woke up this morning to our first trace of snow...the boys will be disappointed as they really want a big storm so they could build a snowman. be little and enjoy the white stuff!

Eli is loving his new school.  His self confidence and academics have soared.  Math is absolutely his favorite over reading!  He will finish his math homework lickety split...reading homework is a different story.  Yesterday, he told me that he has a girlfriend.  They used to sit by each other in class, but then the teacher moved everyone around so now I don't sit by her.  So cute!!  Last week, in karate, he graduated to the purple belt.  He was so excited to move up another level.  Two more belts and he gets to start using weapons...oh boy!

Jace is silly as ever.  He continues to work on his speech, which is much more difficult for him, because of his initial palate repair being much more severe than Eli's. I really hope he is able to improve his speech enough to go to kindergarten!  It would be very sad if he had to wait another year as he LOVES school.  Everyday, he asks if it is his turn to ride the school bus (he gets to ride the bus 2x a week for preschool).

My boys LOVE costumes.  I would say they have about thirty different ones in their play area.  Yesterday, I made the Goodwill stop to do our annual costume addition.  I scored four new ones!  It was like Christmas at our house last night!  I even found three with "the puffed out muscles."  The boys love going around the house pretending to be Ironman, The Hulk, Captain American, Bumblebee, etc.

A few weeks ago, I was the fortunate one to bring a group of 4th graders on a three day-two night field trip.  Our travels brought us to Cody, WY and Casper, WY.  The Buffalo Bill Historical Museum in Cody was fantastic...and I really am not a museum person!  The kiddos also went the the rec center in Cody....whoever voted down Cheyenne getting a rec center is nuts!  Our second day, took us back to the museum in Cody then onto Casper.  By the time we got to Casper, the kids were whipped.  The hotel had sent up a sperate area (oh thank you very much!!) for us to have a first-class dinner and breakfast.  I think it was the first time for many of the students to have a linen for a napkin, a salad fork, and someone removing their plate before getting additional food.  Then their was the pool...besides having a blast, it was NOISY!!  All around, it was a fabulous trip..a little long, but everyone had a great time.

Rob is in his fifth week of training for patrol.  He really enjoys his career move to the street.  His schedule takes a bit to get used to...he either works Wednesday-Saturday or Sunday-Wednesday...a little different from the rest of our schedules.  His cousin, Mark, is now staying with us.  He landed a job here in Cheyenne about three weeks ago.  The boys love having another uncle!

The boys with Addy

Eli has the answer to most Mount Rushmore trivia!

Eli lost his 1st as Chinese tradition has it, he had to put his tooth on the roof of the house.

1st day of school....1st grade

1st day of preschool

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