Thursday, April 11, 2013

Pretty Much Suck at Updating Our!!!

Eli loves his Goosebump books...he also loves to draw!

Having fun at the Winterfest in downtown Cheyenne.

Hum...What is my brother doing that I think I need to be doing???

Crazy zombie boy!!!

The boys loved the tunnel at the Winterfest!

The best Nana and Papa are about to head our way....We are very excited for them to get here!!

Easter has come and have many normal weeks, but I just can't seem to find time to document our life on our blog. Tomorrow we get to head to Casper for the Cleft Palate Clinic. In order for the boys to have any surgeries, they must attend this clinic...urgh! We will make the best of it by checking out a few fun things to do in Casper. I was hoping to bring the boys to this amazing outdoor play area. However, the other night we got a huge snowstorm and dumped about 14 inches of snow...two days later and almost all of the snow has melted...typical Wyoming storm :)
Over Spring Break, we took a little family vaca up to Rapid City, South Dakota. Our hotel had a water park in which we had to ourselves (I will have to post pictures later as I have no idea how to upload pictures to the computer...haha). The boys had a blast on the pirate ship...they even had a waterfall mushroom. Jace had no problem running under the falls...Eli on the other hand was a different story.  I had to bribe him with a Goosebump book purchase in order for him to go under the mushroom.  Eli HATES water in his face....but he did complete the task and now owns a new book! Somehow, we have also managed to never bring our boys to Chuck E. Cheese's ( amazing, right??). Well before we headed back to Chey-town, we went to C.E.C's...again, we had the entire place to ourselves.  SWEET!!! The boys had a blast spending all their tokens. I did figure out that Jace isn't quite ready for the Skeeball game..He has balls flying everywhere!! At one point, Chuck himself came out and danced with the boys.  After dancing he threw about 100 tickets in the air for the boys to catch...which turned into picking up! For those of you that have been to C.E.C,,,it is sooo much fun to put single tickets into the ticket counter...NOT!!  Overall, we had a blast on our little vaca.  The rest of our break was spent at the library, park, and several other silly projects!
We have been working non-stop with little man Jace's on his speech. He is really struggling with sounding out his words. He has kindergarten registration next week...sure hope his speech skills are reading (all of his other skills are up to par....just speech is lagging).
Eli has been flourishing in school...granted we continue to work on his ability to focus and follow directions but hey, you can't have everything. Since moving to our new house, Eli has played outside non-stop. He is the neighborhood social butterfly...always asking if so and so can come over or it he can go to their house.  I love his new found freedom and willingness to try something new. 

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