Friday, July 12, 2013

July Already???? Wasn't it just April??

Since my last post, Jace has signed up for kindergarten and Eli strongly finished 1st grade. We are in true summer mode....camping, swimming, playing, going to the library, science experiments, etc. At the beginning of summer, the boys and I made a list of 85 things we would like to do this will be interesting to see how many we are able to get to :) 

Right after school was released for summer, we headed out for our summer camping excursion.  We stayed a couple nights at Guersney State Park, then headed up to Cody, Wy (had to check out the Buffalo Bill Historical Center), then onto Yellowstone National Park.  After several cold days/nights in YNP, we headed into Montana and Utah.  We had a fabulous time with the exception of our truck taking a poop (traveling 25 mph for 5 hours...through construction, so fun!!). We ended up purchasing a new truck in Brigham City, Utah (Happy Father's Day to Rob).  At that point, our vacation was over and we just wanted to head home.  I think I only took four pictures in Utah (that's unheard of for me!!).

The boys and I are taking advantage of our library summer reading program. Once the boys fill out their reading card, they will have earned a very special hardcover cool!  They also love all the little prizes that they earn along the way.

A few weeks went by before we started another camping adventure at Glendo State Park...SO MUCH FUN!!!  This place reminds me of some of the beaches in Michigan...real sugar sand and the the water was delightful. The kids were in the water non-stop!

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