Monday, October 20, 2008

Denver Zoo and Pumpkin Patch, oh my!

What a wild weekend we had! I love that Rob doesn't work on will suck when I go back to work, but for now I have no reason for jealousy..ha!ha! On Friday, the day was absolutely gorgeous...(80 degrees...yippee for the sun) so off to the Denver Zoo we went. That place is many unique animals. Eli never stopped walking/running the entire visit. We actually could have gotten away with not bringing the stroller. What a difference in Eli's reactions to the animals since the time we brought him to the Indy Zoo in August. He was so much more engaged this time around.

On Saturday, Rob went hunting so I brought Eli to a pumpkin patch...oh, how I miss Uncle John's Cider Mill! Anyway...we went for a hayride, rode John Deere tricycles, played on the playset, road a barrel train, and many other silly activities. Eli loves saying the word pumpkin whenever he sees one. Needless to say, I heard the word pumpkin a time or two.

When Eli woke up on Sunday, he was very surprised to see his gma and gpa at the house. He gets so crazy when they are around. My mom had made him some bean bags...well, Rob takes one and throws it at full force at the wall. Eli squealed with excitement....and proceeded to try to copy his dad. I was like, what a minute...we are not going to throw these and break a window! So, we spent the rest of the day experimenting with the bean bags...oh, what a kid! During the day on Sunday, Rob and I actually got to go and get some shopping done. This was a first time in awhile that Rob and I went out and I left my mother duties at home...a well deserved treat! Toys r Us was one of our stops...we filled the cart and spent a lot less than we anticipated...time to go back!!!

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