Saturday, October 11, 2008

Unbelieveable Sight!!!

What a miraculous sight it was to go past the ol' gas station and see gas at $2.98 a I have a Sooper card that gives me 3 cents off per gallon. I never thought I would see gas under 3 bucks again.
We were suppose to go to a pumpkin patch today but our weather just sucks! There are actually blizzard warnings for different parts of Wyoming...thank goodness not our area, but we still are going to get some frigid temps. I will have to come up with some crazy indoor activities for us to do.
In some great news, we were able to land some great airline tickets prices for Thanksmas in Indiana. Originally, we were going to drive (heaven help us) to Joe's house but I kept checking the different flights. Now we will be able to celebrate even longer with our family...yeah!!!! Crazy thing....while we are there, Eli will be celebrating his 3rd, three already.

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