Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Call We Have Been Waiting On!!!

While Eli and I were reading books at the library, we finally got the call from Mary at Adoption Associates...we have received our TA (travel approval). Rob was sleeping so I couldn't share the news with him! We do have to wait one more day to find out when we are traveling....always something isn't it. :) Now the to-do lists start to get longer of things I must accomplish before we fly off. Hopefully by this time tomorrow we will have our travel plans...this is all becoming a reality quite quickly. Before I know it, I will be a mom of two boys....oh my!! This blog update is also a test run to see if my friend can add it to our blog since I won't be able to update my own blog while in China. I am very lucky to have her willing to do this for me!!

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Tracey said...

Congrats! We can't wait to follow your journey. Our son, Zak is waiting at Baotou as well...can't get there fast enough