Thursday, July 28, 2011

Catching Up on Pictures

 Batter Up!  Eli's first year playing t-ball (excellent example of taking a village to raise a child)
 Jace being a complete nut during a t-ball game (he was the champion of having to use the restroom during the games)
 This is typical silly Eli...I wish I would have taken a picture of him conversing with the other players while they were on base.  He is such a friendly boy!!!
 Taking a dinner break during a day spent riding the quads.
 The Kennison and Crosby gang hangin' with a mountain man at Fort Laramie.
 My two handsome boys waiting patiently (well sort of) to get to Michigan...friends and family here we come!
 Jace and Eli hanging out at what used to be a school at Fort Laramie.
 Hangin' out in their undies, enjoying a snack.
Eli showing off his new helmet (a men's medium!!!)

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Tracey said...

Love the undies and the snacks...that is our mode every day around here with two wild boys! Happy summer brothers!!