Saturday, September 6, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Camping Adventure

We set out Friday to pick up our rented RV for the weekend and headed up to Yellowstone National Park for an adventurous weekend. Rob has wanted to go to YNP for as long as he can remember...and it was his turn to pick the trip. Eli thought it was the greatest being able to sit and play in various spots while we were driving along. The first night we stayed in a little road side park outside of Lander, Wyoming. When we arrived, Rob and I stepped outside to see the most stars we have ever seen (I guess when your in the middle of nowhere this is possible). The Milky Way looked so spectacular....if only a shooting star went by but no such luck! In the morning, it was onto the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone. Once inside the park, the views were amazing. We didn't realize how many lakes and rivers were in the parks. On our way to the KOA, we visited Old Faithful...for a geyser that only erupts every 90 minutes, we got very lucky as we ony waited 10 minutes. Throughout our weekend, we were able to see elk, moose, coyote, and a couple of other animals. While we were traveling, we decided to skip this one tourist attraction...good choice as a million people were there! We did however want to stop at the petrified tree be honest I thought it was going to be more of a forest but it ended up being half of a tree...the rest had been stolen! However, when we got there, traffic was very heavy...we just figured it was really cool. Once we walked the distance, we understood why it had turned into quite a site...there were three of the largest moose just hanging out. We got some great pictures and video...the video is a little boring but still unbelievable!

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