Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Biding Time

Ah yes! We are in the stages of waiting. We have our consulate appointment this morning. This is when our guide goes to the consulate to finalize all of our paperwork. We have to stay in our room just in case something doesn't match up. It's one of the times when you don't want the phone to ring between 10:00am and 11:30am. If everything is kosher, she will call around 12:30pm letting us know that everything is in order. After that, we have our Swearing Ceremony at The Embassy on Friday...then it's time to head home! We are eager to get to Los Angles (one of our connectors) to enjoy a COLD Diet Coke. The closest thing they have to Diet Coke is Coke Zero....just not the same but it works for now. The little store outside our hotel is where we buy all of our beverages...some days drinks cost 2 yuan and other days 4 yuan...interesting scenario.
The past few days have been low key. Monday, we went to get Jace's TB test checked out at the same place he got his physical. Another hurdle cleared. The rest of the day was spent hangin' in the hotel as I was not feeling the greatest (hence the reason for no posts). Thankfully for the meds we have been taking, I was only down for one day. Jace didn't mind playing and hanging one bit. He and Daddy love to have tickle time. Jace will put his face inside the sheets as if he is hiding. That is Rob's clue to find him. Jace laughs and laughs!! Put him in the tub with his stacking cups and animals and he'll play for twenty-thirty minutes. While playing in the tub, he will sing and adorable! When it comes to nap time, he'll fall asleep within five minutes...something we are not used to. He still loves to be Rob's shadow.
Tuesday was another low key day. We did make a trip over to the Island. I wanted to check out the White Swan (where we stayed last time) to see if anything had changed. I was surprised to see no one in the playroom, which was always packed last time. We didn't even run into many couple with their newly adopted children (before you could barely walk through the lobby because of so many strollers). It must be a combination of the economy and the construction. We did meet a couple from Minnesota that is here until a week from Friday. Their daughter was in an orphanage around here so they went to Beijing first and now they're here (we skipped Beijing, went directly to Hohhot and now we are here). They looked like they were already to go home...its going to be a long journey for them. When we here last time, Rob thought it would be hilarious to have a shirt made that said MADE IN CHINA. Low and behold, when we were walking around the island, we found some shirts that had that saying. We had to buy one for each of the boys. Some may be offended, but we find it purely in good fun.
I need to make a few quick announcements before closing for the day: Faith, one of these days I will remember to put your email address in my computer. There is a book at our house that I need to have you look in to retrieve our United Airline Frequent Flier Numbers. Mommy's Group A couple people have sent messages that they can't get on our blog...can you send our a message giving our address: Thanks! Hope all is well with everyone. I have the song The Final Countdown (by Warrant I believe..hey now, gotta love the big hair 80's bands) in my head for the past few days!

Here are a few more tid-bits about our little one:

He loves to hand you everything he, papers, slippers, books, etc.
Sings and sings when he is going potty on the toilet.
Loves to be chased (he is a good runner)
Enjoys riding in the backpack (points to it on several occasions, as if to say "let's go"
Likes stuff to be in order (he will put his shoes right in line with ours)
Can sign "more" and "eat"
Seems to be understanding a lot of English
When he is almost full, he will pick our the peas in his rice.
After only watching a couple episodes of The Wiggles, he already remembers most of the hand motions...another Wiggle Fan!
Loves to look at his "Who loves baby?" book.
Bananas and watermelon...yum yum!

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faith=] said...

yea i can do that! do you know where it is at?? ill go after justins gets home. do you want us to pick up anything so you have it when you guys get home?? let us know!! miss you guys!