Friday, August 6, 2010

Pack Up the Bags, We're Headed Home!

Wow! It feel great to write this last post in China...nothing against China, but being gone for 15 days is a long time. Jace has no idea what he has in store for him at his new home with his forever family...a brother, toys, his own bedroom, drink water from the faucet, oh my! Eli is going to be bouncing off the walls after spending time away from his home for two weeks.

Jace has grown so much in the past week. He is able to pull up his own pants, put on a shirt (we have to help with the sleeves), put on his shoes and velcro's each pair, puts caps in a bottle and takes them out, feeds himself and many more little things. He is so calm and doesn't let much bother him. He even went with me down to the lobby (let Rob stayed in the room) to order pizza! One of the first things on my need to find list is underwear. I searched on the internet and was only able to find 3T...he needs 2T. Any suggestions where to find 2T unders would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you friends and family for your emails, kind words and encouragement while we were on our journey to our forever family. Nana, Papa, and Uncle Joe thanks for spending the last 16 days with Eli. We know he can be a handful! Faith and Justin thanks for stocking our fridge with items we need to get through a couple of days..the thought of not having to run out for fresh milk is priceless. Amanda, thanks for keeping our blog up to date. Without your willingness, our friends and family wouldn't have been able to follow along. Ashley and Brandon thanks for keeping Benelli at your house. It was great not to worry about our dog stuck in the heat.

Our next post will gladly be made from the comforts of our home. We will definitely include a picture of our new forever family!

Rob, Andrea (Ann), Eli and Jace Crosby


Christy and Kevin said...

I know you can not wait to Jace on American soil!!! Praying for a very safe trip home!!

Jenny W said...

I have so enjoyed reading about your adventures! Safe travels and we look forward to seeing you after you are home and settled in!

BTW, we bought some 2T undies at Walmart...and I think we found some 2T-3T undies at Target also.

Nevin's Mummy said...

Hoping you are settling in at home after your long journey.
Darcy & David Campbell, Canada