Saturday, August 21, 2010

Settling In

Wow..where have the past two weeks gone? We arrived home in the middle of the night from one long day of traveling. We really didn't have any major hiccups (except running through the Beijing Airport (which included customs). Ended up having five minutes to spare! Border Patrol/Immigration at LAX was a bit interesting. We waited almost an hour in a room filled with illegal immigrants. They managed to screw up our paperwork and we received a S.S/ card with Jace's Chinese name. Now we have to wait to get all of our paperwork back and go to our local SS office and apply for a new one. URGH!!

Eli and my parents made there way to our house around 4pm. We couldn't stop hugging him and giving him kisses...we missed our wild boy. Eli looked so big and dark (the boy lived outside the entire 18 days he was there). He even jumped in the pool a few times (he had to check out his wet excited!). Eli was shocked to see little man Jace playing on the floor. They have come a long way in two weeks. Just like many siblings, we have our toy wars! Jace loves to follow and copy every move Eli does...its hilarious. My parents adore their new grandson. My dad must have played outside with Jace for two hours.

Jace could really do without Benelli (our dog). Even though he will now tolerate Benelli, that wasn't the case for the first week. If Benelli was on the deck, Jace would walk all the way around the couch so he didn't have to walk by the screen door.

Sleeping was quite interesting during the first week we were home. Jace ended up sleeping with his light on (refused to only have his nightlight on). Knock on wood, he seems to be in a routine now. He loves to eat...fruit, veggies, noodles, rice, oatmeal, etc.


Christy and Kevin said...

It is so neat to pictures of Jace settling in at home! We finally got our TA and will be leaving soon to bring Keaton home. We can not wait to post our pictures once he is safe at home. Love the picture of Jace and Eli riding the car together. He looks very happy!

Tracey said...

So great to hear the brotherly love is slowly taking form. We are so anxious to have Van and Zak together! These Baotou beauties will all be home soon and looking as happy as Jace!!

Kim said...

I got your post about the surgery. Shiloh's bil. cleft lip and palate were repaired in China. We got ear tubes and teeth work but will not need anything else until she is 5. At that time they will repair a hole in her gum and clip some excess lip and build up her nose bridge using ear cartiledge. Call me some time.