Friday, August 6, 2010

The Stars and Stripes...A Beautiful Sight

Thursday was our day to go to the U.S. Consulate for last piece of paperwork to sign and the swearing-in ceremony. The drive to the Consulate took about 45 minutes...the traffic here is crazy plus they have just repaved the streets and haven't put in the white lines. I really don't think the white lines would make a difference. The cars just weave in and out, not really looking for other vehicles...sure madness for most US citizens. Finally, our little van made it to the Consulate. Going up the six sets of escalators, knowing we were getting closer just made my heart beat faster. Then, I saw the American flag, something I think we may take for granted. Man, did it feel great to walk past the flag. A million thoughts were racing through my head...all of the soldiers that are serving various places, our vets who have defended our country, but above all, our freedom. Something that isn't found naturally in China. I can't imagine being a farmer my whole life and then one day the government tells you that your land will turn into condo's but they will give you jobs as taxi drivers. UNREAL! So, filled with many emotions, it was great to be in a room full of American families, all of knowing the reams of paperwork we have filled out, the money we have saved for this amazing adventure but no one needed to talk about that. We were celebrating the fact that we have been blessed to have our sweet ones in ours arms. Everyone sharing stories of their past two weeks, letting others know where they are from...strangers, united by the love of adoption. For this is the end of all the paperwork; the I-797, LOA, Article 5, DS230, TA (adoption terms are like special education terms...a dime a dozen). It has been a long and difficult path to motherhood but it is great to say that I am extremely glorified to be a family of four, mom to two boys, and a wife of an amazing husband. It is bitter sweet to almost have our journey to China end but it will be great to have our life resume back in the states!!

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