Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Day at the Museum

Today we visited the Mongolian Museum of History. The size of the building was enormous. Part of the museum had many different dinosaurs, which Eli would have LOVED! Jace's little finger was pointing left and right at everything. Throughout the museum, he had to step on all of the little electrical boxes that were on the floor. It was fun to watch him. When we entered one section, there were a few Chinese children (mostly age 9) that said hello to us. I ended up talking with them for 15-20 minutes. I had to sign all of their personal books. Being a teacher, this just made my day!
Construction, Construction, Construction... I think we counted 100 different cranes (probably many more) being used to build new buildings...the on-going construction is unreal. Our guide was telling us that the government came in and told a bunch of farmers that they were going to take their land to build condos....they were generous and gave the farmers a job as a taxi cab driver. Somehow going from a farmer to driving in the streets of Hohhot seems to be a drastic job change! Another thing that is unreal is the way they drive around here. The only way to explain it is mass, buses, bikes, and walkers going in and out of traffic like they were jumping waves. When a driver pulls out of a parking lot they don't even look for traffic, they just "merge."
Jace continues to slowly warm up to me. It is funny that Rob has to get everything for him...I am not used to that. We finally made it to the was quite the experience. We thought swimming was suppose to be enjoyable...stressful was more the case! To start things off, we had to "register" at the desk for the pool and they gave us a key. I didn't realize the key had a number so I must have set off two locker alarms before somebody showed me what I was suppose to do...I started to laugh and in walks a lady that wouldn't leave me side...argh!! Once we made it to the wading pool, we had to remove our robes and slippers. Jace had fun splashing...thank goodness after all of that. :) Both Rob and I were shaking our heads on the way back to our room.
Tomorrow we head to our next destination, Guangzhou. It will be bitter sweet leaving Hohhot. The guest relation managers have been extremely accommodating. Someday, we will come back to show Jace his roots.


Stacy and Jason said...

OH MY GOODNESS! What a handsome little fellow! I LOVE the water picture. He looks like he's enjoying himself very much. I'm a fellow IM group member. My daughter is Pan Ying. I wonder if our kiddos know eachother??? I can't wait to re-trace your steps in a couple of months. Thanks so much for sharing!

Have a safe journey!

michelle said...

Dear Jace,

I wanted to tell you I am so happy for you, your Mommy, Daddy and big brother Eli. I have been looking at your Mommy's post and seeing what a beautiful big boy you are. It brings happy tears to my eyes, to think about how much your Mommy and Daddy wanted you and loved you. To see the faces of the adults I knew so long ago, filled with such happiness and joy because of you little man...well, it just fills my heart with such love.
Welcome to the Crosby Family, Jace and thank-you for being a super brother and making your Mommy and Daddy so very Happy!
Love to all of you always,

Mooch ( mom and dad can explain the name :)