Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Travel Plans

What a whirl-wind week it has been! I have been attending a fabulous Lucy Calkins conference all while trying to get the last minute things around for our trip. I am very thankful for our long lunches (and being able to run errands kid free). Our money has officially been wired to China. I think I only have the following things to do:
* Finish packing for Jace
* Start and finish packing for me
* Gather toys for Eli (send him off to Nana & Papa's on Friday...yeah, there will be
some tears shed but the trip will probably be a little more smooth sailing)
* Double (yeah, try triple) check adoption paperwork
* Write up SKYPE directions for my parents (why do I find myself chuckling??)
* Clean up the house...nothing beats coming home to a clean house

I am sure there are numerous other little things that I will find myself doing!

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Helen said...

We missed you Friday, but we smiled all day knowing where you were. I hope your flight went well and everything is wondeful in China.