Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Quiet Day

We didn't have much that we had to do today. I (Rob and Jace stayed at the hotel) was glad to have been able to visit a factory where they made leather products, cashmere sweaters (which was amazing to watch the process), paintings, swords, and many other products. It is astonishing how much hard work goes into making the various pieces. I bought several items: jerky (which was made there), sandals, a belt, a very cool purse (it was 50% off...sweet deal!), an adorable pair of shoes/boots for Jace and a couple other trinkets. The rest of our day was spent hanging in the hotel, playing with Jace. Jace is very, very attached to his daddy. He will give him kisses, me not so much. In time it will come. If he doesn't like something, he will give it a strong arm shove. He is getting out Eli, you have some competition! While I was gone, Rob and Jace were playing hide and seek and had a little tickle time. Rob got to laughing at him because he was being very silly.
Whenever he goes to the bathroom, he loves to sing and hum. It is so cute to hear him do his little songs. He also says the word Mama. He keeps good tabs on when someone isn't in the room.
We did receive his passport today. Tomorrow we get the rest of his paperwork and head to the history museum. We are excited to check out the museum! We are also going to attempt to take Jace swimming. He should really like the pool as he took a bath today and loved splashing around! He was even tossing water into his face and laughing. His little fingers and toes were little prunes by the time he got out.

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cmrteach said...

Reading these posts just brings tears to my eyes!! I'm so happy for you that you're able to bring this special little guy home!! What a souvenir!! haahaa...j/k! Have a great rest of your trip and keep the posts coming! Love it!!