Tuesday, July 27, 2010

What a Daddy's Boy

As I was typing today's entry, I could have titled it many things. I happen to choose this title as Pan Yu (Jace) is very attached to his daddy (ba-ba). He points every time Rob walks out of the room, has to mimic however Rob sits...it is so fun to watch. We began our morning with a huge breakfast at the hotel. Jace proved to be a great eater as he polished off rice, noodles, watermelon, congee (rice and water combo), and Honey Nut'o (better known to us as Honey Nut Cheerio's). The milk wasn't warm enough so he wasn't thrilled to drink it but he still tried it. After breakfast, we went for a nice walk through the park. We got a lot of looks as Jace was in the Kelty backpack that we use for hiking (a side note...Eli isn't happy that he doesn't fit into it anymore!) After checking out all the fun activities (even shook the hand of an one arm monkey), we started to head back and our little man feel fast asleep. We were a little nervous when his nap didn't last long, but he was a trooper.
At 2:00, we were to meet up with our guide, Sandra and she was going to bring us to the bank to exchange money. Rob (with Jace in the backpack), myself, and our guide covered a ridiculous amounts of ground in a very short time...we were sweating our booties off. We had a very short amount of time to get back to finalize some of the paperwork back at the hotel. Whew...we were only five minutes late! During the crucial paperwork, the orphanage assistant director tried to get Jace's attention. He didn't want anything to do with her. He clung onto his daddy (ba-ba) so tight. For this adoption, we have to follow Hague requirements. This required a lot more paperwork and red thumb stamps than the first time! We were a little nervous to how Jace would interact with the assistant director. There wasn't any fear when he attached himself to his daddy!
Once back in the room, did our little man's personality start to come out! He was Mr. Smiley pants. He also started to be a little turkey, pushing his toys on the ground, smacking his books, and at one point he head butted me (his head is about as hard as Eli's....yeah, that was a big OUCH!). He is slowly learning the word no. When he goes to the bathroom (yes, he is 100% potty trained...yippee!) he likes to unroll the toilet paper so Rob had to take them off the roll...he wasn't very happy about that! He likes to bring you all of his toys, then take them all back. He also loves to look at books (thank goodness as he has a ridiculous amount of books at home) and play with his stacking cups. He will pour things back and forth into the cups and giggle. While playing with his trucks, Rob noticed his little head falling down. Before we knew it, he had fallen asleep. He must have a busy day being outside and having two adults full attention! We thank God for bringing him into our family. He is a perfect fit into our family!
On a different subject, we would like to wish Mike and Lynda (my brother and sister in law) a happy anniversary (its a little late...oops)! To think it was a year ago that we tried to set off on a short hike by Mt. Rushmore...enough said!! We can't wait to the day you guys can meet your latest nephew in person. Even though we miss Eli like crazy, we feel it may have been a blessing in disguise that he stayed with Nana, Papa, and Unc Joe. Uncle Joe has been his little buddy the past few days!! My mom would be pretty proud that I actually had the guest relations manager personally give me her card. The staff at Shangri-la Hotel have been very accommodating, making our stay extremely inviting. Last night, I even received a phone call from Ming. She works for Adoption Associates and is the liaison for the China to USA.
Thanks for all the comments. We love hearing from everyone back in the states...it would be interesting to find out how many different states have people following us. My adoption yahoo group has been amazing and so informative since we started this process. Well I best call it for the night as I am sure it will be a early morning in our hotel room!


Tracey said...

Jace is so adorable and we are thrilled to hear of his growing attachment and his awesome potty skills! That is incredible. We look forward to continuing to follow your journey.

Heather said...

Oh my gosh! Jace is absolutely precious! I love reading your blog and hearing about all of the wonderfully emotional experiences you guys are having. What an awesome blessing:-)

Christy and Kevin said...

Congratulations! Jace is so cute! How old is he? We are still waiting on our TA any day to get Keaton he is 14 months now. I know you guys are so excited.