Sunday, July 25, 2010

Qingecheng Park

Rob and I went to this amazing park today. We couldn't believe all the different activities that were going on: karate, people singing, duck boat rides (ducks were a little scary looking and later we found a dead duck..haha), various exercise areas, lots of people resting in hammocks and lots more. We will probably visit the park a few more times throughout the week. There is a kids area were you have to pay 20 yuan (around 3 bucks). We figured that if Eli was with us, he wouldn't have wanted to leave! Boy, do we miss our kiddo!!! The temperature is around 96 degrees with lots of humidity. As we are wandering around, some people will say HELLO and giggle when we say hello back. A dad was walking with daughter and stopped us after we said hello. He wanted his daughter to be in a picture with I asked him to take a picture for us as well. Tomorrow is the day we have waited over a year for....very exciting! Just think the next post, will most likely have pictures of Jace!!

The pictures attached are:
1) Airplane Delight..yum yum
2) Rob with our bags in the airport
3) The view from our hotel
4) McDonalds
5) The Chinese kiddo with us

Enjoy your day everyone...we are signing off and getting ready for a little shut eye.


Helen said...

Cool and very exciting!

Tracey said...

So glad you are so close now...can't wait to see gotcha day and hear more about your journey.

Jenny W said...

So fun! It's very exciting to be able to read about your adventures as they are happening! Can't wait to meet Jace!